Bentley Executive Education – Finance for Dentists

On May 9th, I will be spending the day helping the dentists who have enrolled in the  Essentials of Management – “Mini MBA” for Dentists program learn the key finance strategies that they will need to manage, grow and sell their practices.

Our agenda will include the following topics:

  1. The Changing Face of Dentistry – How Student Loan Debt is Changing How Dental Practices are Managed
  2. Overview of Basic Finance – Financial Statements, Key Practice Metrics, Break Even, Cash Flow
  3. The 4 Key Pieces of Information You Need to Look at Every Week
  4. Do You Expand Your Practice with Partners or  Employees 
  5. Purchase vs Lease Advantages and Drawbacks for New Equipment Acquisition
  6. Establishing and Maintaining Great Banking Relationships
  7. Managing Pay and Benefit Costs for Longtime Employees
  8. Renting Space vs Purchase an Office Considerations
  9. Practice Valuation and When Should You ConsiderSelling?

This very successful program is being offered by the Yankee Dental Congress and will be held at Bentley’s Executive Education Center on campus.

The program for 2014 is sold out, but if anyone is interested they should contact the Mass Dental Society.


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