Announcing New Courses – Decision Making and the Innovation Economy

I have been asked to develop a series of new courses for the Proformative Academy. These will be OnDemand Courses that will be eligible for CPE credit.

Proformative is the largest and fastest growing online resource and professional network for senior finance, accounting and related professionals. Our community-driven content, which comes from thousands of senior level professionals and renowned subject matter experts, allows our constituency to make better decisions; driving efficiencies, top line growth, and career success.

They have asked me to develop the following modules as part of the series:

  1. Decision Making and the Innovation Economy
  2. Costs Types and their Impact on Decision Making
  3. Using Cost Volume Profit Analysis to Drive Innovation and Results
  4. Allocating Overhead and Getting the Right Product Costs
  5. Fundamentals of Activity Based Costing and Where it Works Best
  6. Evaluating Performance using Standard Costing and Variances
  7. Managing and Controlling Costs through Overhead Evaluation
  8. The Impact of Inventory Costing methods on Financial and Manager Performance
  9. Decision Making and the Relevant Costs to Consider
  10. he Innovation Economy and the Five Critical Decisions You Will Need to Make
  11. Creating Capacity – Equipment Replacement Considerations

You can also register for these courses through our site.  We will post registration and pricing information as soon as these courses are complete and posted ( on or about April 15th).




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